Environ Skincare

Although Environ is a globally recognised and loved Professional Skin Care brand, it always seeks ways to make a difference in people’s lives.





The year 2020 proved to be a challenging on a global scale, as a result of Covid-19. It proved to be even more strenuous for healthcare workers who were at the frontline of the fight against this global pandemic. Many of them  losing their lives, unable to see their families and stand a risk of contracting the virus in the process. They spend long hours, wearing masks that can affect their skin as a result.

On the 7th of July 2021, Environ donated over R1 million worth of products to healthcare workers across six hospitals in Cape Town and KwaZulu Natal, to thank them for their selfless dedication in the fight again the global pandemic.  By so doing, Environ wanted to show support and care as well lift morale for this life-saving fraternity.

The donation contained products chosen to soothe and restore their skin that has been sensitised by hours of wearing a mask. These included Environ’s popular immune-boosting serum Colostru Gel that helps to protect sensitive skin from external and internal stressors –and vitamin A enriched moisturising cream, which replenishes skin with vitamin A, antioxidants and essential nutrients that it needs to look healthy and stay resilient.

PR Approach


PD managed to amplify this campaign through media relations, influencer relations and social media content creation. PD drafted a media release with tailored pitches and distributed to key Lifestyle, Beauty, Broadcast and Community media with key coverage highlights in SABC Morning Live, South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, Professional Beauty, Tygerberg Newspaper and the Good News Daily.

PD also facilitated the Hospital of Hope handover, from presenting the donation opportunity to the Healthcare Department as well as arrange the donation handover with the HOH Communications and Facility Management. For the Influencer relations part of the campaign, PD partnered with x4 Medical Doctors with a social media following to reach out to their fellow nurses and doctors by gifting them with Environ product as a token of appreciation to say thank you for being at the forefront.

To further provide a spotlight on this generous goodwill donation, PD created an HOH video for social media  with design and music selection.




Love Lions Alive is a sanctuary that gives lifelong care to lions who come to live out their lives in safety. The sanctuary offers a place of safety, dignity and reprieve to all lions in need. Love Lions Alive Sanctuary approached Environ due to their expert knowledge in Vitamin A for use in skincare gathered over the past 29 years.



Annually, an estimated 40% of lions held in captivity die of a condition caused by lack of Vitamin A supplements; a situation that could be changed by a collective effort between various industries. Lions kept in a sanctuary require daily Vitamin A supplements, or they risk developing a potentially deadly Vitamin A deficiency called Hypovitaminosis A. The first symptom of vitamin deficiency, Hypovitaminosis, is a form of night blindness. This can develop into the dying of the cornea and ultimately blindness. To combat this, Environ, partnered with Love Lions Alive Sanctuary in the Free State, South Africa to support them with the annual cost of Vitamin A supplementation for the 25 lions at the sanctuary. Environ understands the health benefits of Vitamin A, as it forms the scientific basis for the brand’s products.



PD executed the following elements for media relations: ​


The PR team rafted a project plan to keep track of progression of the campaign.​ There was a tailored media list with key journalists in place, in order to target key titles across national news, trade, lifestyle & beauty and broadcast media, with a special focus on Free State community media.


A press release with tailored pitches for the campaign were shared with the targeted media. ​


PD executed the following elements for social media : ​

PD drafted social media posts for the campaign for use across Environ’s social media pages. In addition, PD also facilitated the design-process for the images that accompanied the social media posts. 


The Opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted food environments and systems; and the continuing economic fall-out, plummeting millions of people into food insecurity. From the onset of the initial lockdown in March 2020, many were in panic mode, being on the brink of hunger and children suffering from malnutrition. In response to this heart-breaking socioeconomic situation, South African-born skincare brand Environ Skin Care announced a six-month programme to boost the daily nutrition of vulnerable pre-scholars.

Joining hands with stockists, beauty therapists and consumers, the #EnvironCares initiative pledged R500 000 to support a vital children’s nutrition programme in the GROW Educare Centres situated in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban communities. The programme provided a power porridge meal to 1800 children, for 5 days a week over a period of six months resulting in a total of 238 000 meals.

PR Approach

Positive Dialogue was tasked to drive awareness and support this campaign by making use of PR tactics that would drive awareness, demonstrate and amplify Environ’s CSI initiative. PD had to ensure that the two objectives of the campaign which are brand education and increasing awareness are achieved. PD drafted an announcement press release that spoke to the launch of this initiative by Environ. The content was thought-provoking and positioned to outline the current state of food security in SA, the need for organisations like GROW Educare Centres, and how Environ supports their efforts.

Specifically with the aim of encouraging conversations around hunger relief and the partnership between Environ and GROW, PD identified key radio and TV shows and  motivated for live or pre-recorded telephonic interviews with Val Carstens, Dr Des and Tracy  Chambers. Securing broadcast opportunities for this announcement was essential as World Hunger Day is a globally recognised day and was a part of the national news agenda. The  opportunity for an interview with the spokespeople of our campaign was positioned to radio  and TV producers as a thought-provoking conversation that clearly unpacked the story of  why Environ Cares and what consumers need to do to support the cause.

To make the campaign more impactful to our media, PD recommended that the campaign  include a media seeding component, where in the lead up to World Hunger Day, we deliver  a branded product hamper to 10 of our most influential media.