Jive Taxi


Behind every success story, there is a dedicated team who brings it all together. Sharief Parker, founded the Jive brand in 1991 in an Athlone based factory and from humble beginnings, with hard work and commitment to the community, Jive flourished and moved into the current home in Epping, with a first class factory which has the highest international certification.


The Cape is well known for being the culinary capital of South Africa.

Unique with flavours, there are tastes for the most sophisticated pallet – from internationally acclaimed restaurants paired with award-winning wines, to matured cheese and cured meats paired with local craft beers. But there is another side of the Cape that is also rich with flavour and vibrant colour, and it’s not for the exclusive 1%. It’s what the majority of people see, eat and drink every day.


The Jive Taxi Tour was an integrated campaign that included an influencer activation supported by a Food24 Native paid media campaign that drove reach and engagement across the Western Cape target audience.

Campaign Objectives

Jive wanted to create a unique perspective on what  Capetonians really eat, in order to be the authority on the best local fast food paired drink. In order to do this we juxtaposed the elitist world of food pairings with the inclusive world of everyday meals enjoyed by Cape Town locals.

A most-loved Cape Town fast food meal paired with different Jive flavours video was created featuring a chef, sommelier and comedian tasting and giving their feedback on the combinations. 



Our PR campaign integrated a Taxi Tour (tasting event) of media and influencers that were taken to a number of authentic Cape Town eateries to sample the Food & Jive flavour pairing, supported by a Native campaign with Food24, an Instagram influencer activation and radio competition with HeartFM.


Food & Jive pairing combinations included:

Orange Krush + Mince Vetkoek
Iron Brew + Pap & Wors 
Cream Soda + Burger Pie
Mango Tango + Gatsby