The Old Mutual ‘Tuk Tuk’ Challenge was a digital and social media campaign that Positive Dialogue conceptualised and implemented to raise awareness of Old Mutual level of support and investment into a number of South African CSI initiatives.




PDC’s challenge was to conceptualise and implement a social media campaign that was of interest and relevance to Old Mutual’s broad customer base and communicated their Foundation’s level of investment into CSI initiatives. The campaign needed to be entertaining and engaging in order to ensure participation of digital influencer’s community following that would drive the campaign message across digital channels.





  • Raise awareness and educate South Africans on the CSI initiatives that Old Mutual supports

  • Create online hype and passenger support around the launch of the Old Mutual branded tuk-tuks that served as moving billboards for CSI projects, whilst also functioning as a traffic solution in Gauteng CBD.

  • Drive traffic to the Old Mutual Foundation Do Great Things website in order to find more information on their CSI projects





10 Influencers. 10 Challenges. 10 Old Mutual CSI branded Tuk Tuks. One amazing race. On launch day digital influencers were given a Tuk Tuk, a designated driver and 10 clues each.


PDC managed the building of a micro-site within the Old Mutual Foundation’s Do Good Things website that provided answers to clues in the race, enabling the influencers community to provide answers back to them, thereby educating them in the process.


Relying on their community followers, they had to Tweet their clue which was either related to the new Sandton Tuk Tuk route, or the CSI projects that the Old Mutual Foundation supports, and wait for their community of followers to give them the answer before proceeding to the next clue. Influencers were not allowed to Google the answer and PDC monitored Twitter to ensure that they were in fact receiving the answers from their followers having visited the Old Mutual Do Great Things website.





  • On launch day the Tuk Tuk Challenge trended in JHB, and thereafter nationally, within 45 minutes of the start of the race and continued to be in the top 10 trending topics for the rest of the day.

  • In 2 days the campaign generated 1 781 Twitter mentions. 

  • The total volume of relevant mentions generated an opportunities-to-see (OTS) of 3 366 015 with an AVE of R770 711.

  • Within campaign month the Old Mutual Foundation website received a total of 3 639 unique views, and 5 112 page views as a direct result of the blogger challenge which was a 300% increase in traffic.

  • The campaign received pre and post positive coverage across South Africa’s top 10 influential blogs




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