OnePlus 7T

Launching the new One Plus 7T Pro through developing and implementing an influencer marketing strategy that drives brand awareness, sparks meaningful social conversation and educates the target audience on the exclusive Vodacom contract offering and key product USPs .

In 2020, OnePlus along with Vodacom announced the launch of the 7T Pro and the option for consumers to purchase the device on contract for the first time. PD implemented a campaign was built on embracing creativity – through creative execution and partnering with creatives as influencers, to bring to life the campaign and brand messaging in a unique way. The innovation of this campaign lay with the conversation that was sparked. Hundreds of viewers contributed their comments on what ‘Freedom/Attitude/Individuality is a choice’ means to them, creating a movement and conversation beyond the brand and product launch.

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The Opportunity

PD was tasked with launching the new OnePlus 7T Pro device by developing and implementing an influencer marketing strategy that drove brand awareness, sparked meaningful conversation, and educated the public on the exclusive Vodacom contract offering and USPs, which ran alongside a digital campaign. PD grew the reach to improve brand and product awareness, allowing the brand to deliver content and tap into the already established audiences and reach of selected influencers. PD managed the digital campaign to drive website traffic to Vodacom’s stores. The strategy targeted audiences in the identified age brackets and according to their cellular provider.

The Research

Our strategic approach was informed by audience specific insights.

-The phone is targeted at Generation Z - disruptors, game-changers, activists & digital natives never having experienced life before technology and obtain their purchase-related information from the internet and social media, using their mobile devices, making them technologically-savvy. This impacts their demands and how brands market to them. With limited spending power, it was estimated that 40% of consumer spending would be attributed to Generation Z consumers in 2020 (pre-COVID).

-Engagement was important as Gen Z want to be moved and inspired. To resonate with this audience we needed content that was moving and encouraged engagement through conversation. Therefore, an entry mechanic required influencer followers to share what

“Freedom/Attitude/Individuality is a choice” means to them.

-A digital campaign ran alongside the influencer campaign, targeting the audience on both in-app and on web.

This digital campaign aimed to increase reach and drive traffic to the Vodacom store, where the phone is available for purchase.

-The digital campaign targeted audiences with interests related to the device by keywords and linked to competing cellular network providers. The goal was to assist in driving sales.


-The market is cluttered and competitive

-Target audiences has less brand loyalty and access to multiple competitors.

-Launching during COVID-19 lockdown – limited budget

-Launching during COVID-19 lockdown – public were aware of brands pushing product and sales during a



-OnePlus owns a unique brand personality.

-Lockdown regulations and movement restrictions caused a demand for content