The basis of any solid influencer campaign begins with a rock solid foundation of research.


We take pairing of
our brands to influencers very seriously to ensure the strongest results.


Through a system of APIs, we are able to gather relevant statistics on the influencers to back
our selection for a campaign.


After selecting an influencer that would pair well with a brand, we can begin to build a relationship.


We begin drafting a campaign overview and brief on objectives and outcomes expected of the ambassadors.


We take on the management of fee negotiations and output as well as the process of MOU’s.



Once the influencer has been confirmed and signed to the contract, we offer management and deliverable fulfilment.


We follow up with influencers/ambassadors
post campaign to ensure deliverables are met.


We monitor channels to ensure content posting is done promptly and precise.


We will then capture content
coverage and report on all results achieved.