Parent Sense

The app that takes the guesswork out of parenting. It delivers intuitive, age related content and a bespoke routine for your baby each day. 


The Opportunity

Meg Faure developed the “Parent Sense” mobile app that delivers intuitive, age related content and a bespoke routine for your baby each day. We were tasked with launching the new app through developing and implementing an influencer marketing campaign. The app was aimed at predominantly women who were parents or expecting a child, and aims to take the guesswork out of parenting. To drive downloads, the opportunity existed to create visibility in the target market via multiple digital  touch points.



Moms have become increasingly more active online, using mobile phones as a tool to stay better connected with support networks and to stay up to date with new information. Research has shown that mothers spend an average of 211 minutes browsing the internet on a daily basis. Using a digital strategy to launch an app played into this mobile market, with influencers a natural fit as 60% of 18-34 years old in Africa say that their purchase decisions have been swayed by influencers on social media.

The national lockdown prevented any gatherings, as a result of the coronavirus, and thus PD was tasked to devise a launch mechanic that could still go ahead despite the restrictions.

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