Pasta Grandé

Pasta Grandè is pleasure food: From homely family dishes to romantic, candle-lit meals for two – Pasta Grandè fits in with your lifestyle. With just a twist of your fork and a lift of your spoon, you are welcome at our family table.



The Opportunity

We were tasked to launch the Pasta Grande Easy Pasta Meal to market in a creative and engaging way to get consumers interested in the new 2-minute instant Easy Pasta Meal.
A hand-selected group of  influencers trialed the Pasta Grande Easy Pasta Meal. Each influencer was to select their favorite SA inspired recipe to enter into the 2-minute cook-off which was scheduled to take place at the Pioneer Kitchen. 
We identified that there was an opportunity for the influencers to extend the campaigns on their own channels for a further two weeks. 

The Mechanics

The influencers authentically and effectively communicated the launch of the new range through their own creative interpretation of a South Africa inspired pasta dish. To help drive engagement and resonance we incorporated a competition element into the campaign. 

Each influencer selected two of their top fan recipes entered and created these in the comfort of their own homes during the first 21 days of the national lockdown. To sustain the campaign engagement each influencer encouraged their followers to help them select the winning recipe and follower that would walk away with the microwave oven. 

We also introduced a #EasyGrande Takeover, with Jade Robertson, the best performing Easy Pasta Meal collaborator.  Jade announced to her followers that she would be taking over the Pasta Grande account and invited them to come hang out with her in her kitchen, where  she created her two short listed recipes meals. Chef Mbombi was invited as a live guest to answer a few fan questions.