Influencer Relations

Influencer Marketing. Not many more things send chills down an agencies spine than those two words. As the digital landscape is ever growing and changing, it’s imperative that the PR industry not only keeps up, but keeps two steps ahead of the curve.

In the last 5 years, we’ve seen features on blogs, go from blasé to big bucks. The power of social media and the Influencers of the internet has never been more valuable than what we are experiencing now. It’s time that we leverage this technology to benefit our work.

Before starting any engagement with an Influencer, consider the intricacies of the partnership.

Being Transparent

Don’t try to hide your relationship or try to play it off for something it’s not. It’s important to realise how much the consumers in the modern market value an honest company. Today, 94% of consumers say they’re more loyal to brands who are transparent.

So long as your product and influencer are compatible, most consumers don’t care whether it was paid for or not.

Rules of Engagement

Rule No. 1: High engagement is usually the best engagement.

You want people to interact with your influencer and connect with them. The more people engage, the more likely it is that they care about what your influencer has to say. This will bring more value to the influencer-follower relationship, as well as, bringing value to the partnering brand.

Does size matter?

Actually, most of the time, it doesn’t. Having a large amount of followers doesn’t necessarily equate to them being your target audience. Chances are, your target is only a fraction of their fan base.

However, by picking micro-influencers who are properly researched and targeted, one has the opportunity to get their message out to a much more receiving audience. It’s even been seen that micro-influencers are 7 times more effective than their larger counterparts. It’s also at a fraction of the cost.

Many brands have even gone down to nano-influencers - individuals with a following of 5,000 or less - in order to grow brand awareness. With nano-influencers, one is able to get many who have high engagement and genuine connection with their audiences - which is worth so much more.

Depending on the project, you may need niche or a combination to get your perfect influencer zen.

The Perfect Fit

In an ideal world, sponsored content should never feel forced.

The idea behind influencers is that it doesn’t feel like an ad, rather a recommendation from a credible source. If your product/brand doesn’t align with the interests of the influencer and their audience, it will come off as unbelievable or odd.

Make sure to align yourself with influencers who not only represent but also exemplify the brand.


With all of the rapid changes in the digital world, only one thing is clear: traditional media just isn’t enough anymore.

By creating a successful and meaningful relationships with Influencers, you’re creating more than what “PR” is - you’re creating something tangible and meaningful. There is the ability to truly strike a chord and engage with your target audience.

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