The COVID-19 messaging conundrum: How to develop content that resonates in the time of pandemic

Your timeline has most likely been filled with posts around the global pandemic, with brand content and advertising rallying around slogans linked to COVID-19. As a brand, you may fear staying silent, worrying that if you’re not speaking to the pandemic your name will be forgotten.

But there are some considerations to think of before incorporating COVID-19 into your messaging, and you may want to consult a Public Relations specialist such as Positive Dialogue before sending out any communication.

Back to basics

In light of the serious nature of this crisis it would be harmful for the brand to ignore the global pandemic. Each brand has the responsibility to communicate the measures that they have introduced to ensure a safe work environment and protect the health of their customers, staff and stakeholders.

If your brand and customers are directly affected by COVID-19, don’t neglect your communication.

Reminding your staff and customers to keep washing their hands, how to react if they are feeling sick and the importance of maintaining social distancing can never be overstated. But your brand will need to deeply consider if this communication needs to be shared on a public platform.

During this time, your communication should be compassionate – this is a global crisis that could affect millions, and you don’t want to create the perception that your brand is insensitive to this.

Start with relevance

Any audience today is inundated with COVID 19 news. There is a risk that this causes rising apathy and complacency towards important health and safety messaging, and in turn any brand that is sending this messaging out.

In all your communication, speak to topics relevant to your audience. If you are a tyre brand, there is little relevance in speak about healthy meals to serve the family, and similarly, a financial institution advising their clients on the best yoga routines is unlikely to resonate with clients. Leave this type of messaging to the brands and companies who work in this space and rather develop messaging and content that is relevant to your company’s area of expertise and experience.

Always lead with value

There’s a good chance your customers already have an inbox full of brands communicating on COVID-19 – so what will make your messaging stand out?

Unless you have anything new to add to the conversation, there is not much in merely repeating general news via your brand ’s communication platforms. It’s not brand’s role to add to the noise and potential confusion around COVID-19.

Rather focus on adding value to your customer through your various platforms. But don’t communicate just for the sake of it – ensure any content resonate with your customer and bring something to their day, or you risk losing brand loyalty from fed-up clients.

COVID-19 is a global health crisis that is having an impact on almost all businesses and people around the world. This raises a question on what responsible role your brand can play to remain top of mind and relevant in this climate of uncertainty and concern.

Some brands feel that the very mention of COVID19 will destroy their reputation while, while others are excited to wade into health conversations, even if they have no relevant experience to inform the conversation. But the successful strategy lies somewhere in between these two extremes and should be tailored to your brand.


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