Positive Dialogue successfully built the reputation of an unknown man; whose dream it was to raise awareness of the need for paediatric hospitals in South Africa.



PDC were tasked with launching the career of Matt Silver-Vallance as the world’s newest childcare crusader, whilst raising awareness and donations for paediatric care and the need for a Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. A budget of nothing, countless hours of organisation, extreme risk, massive logistical issues and multiple health, safety and regulatory requirements were but a few of the hurdles we overcame while representing this airborne activist. Together we conceptualised and executed a dare-devil cluster balloon event; challenged by extreme risk factors and Cape Town’s erratic weather systems.




  • Create awareness on the lack of paediatric hospitals in SA via RIBR publicity – with a fund raising call to action to South Africans as well as a global audience

  • Build and establish Matt Silver-Vallance’s reputation to secure interest, sponsorship and funding for the RIBR.



With Matt in London, the internet played a crucial role in spreading the word. A Google Hangout press conference, with Bob Skinstad as the MC, allowed the local and international media to meet Matt. Our blogger outreach programme, a Facebook page and a Twitter handle kept the public informed and mobilised support. Monthly press releases and radio interviews created hype offline while our online influencers kept the public informed and excited.


We collaborated with the SA Navy, the NSRI, the Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town International Airport ATC, the eNCA, the Robben Island Administrative Team and Big Bay Life-saving Club and co-ordinated a vast number of ferries, rubber dinghies, busses, paragliders, bloggers, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, photographers, schools, colleges and thousands of members of the public. 





The Robben Island Balloon Run campaign delivered the following results:

  • 842 pieces of international coverage across 17 countries, including BBC World News running and repeating the story on flight day

  • 353 pieces of SA coverage reaching a combined audience of 15 163 630

  • Front page newspaper coverage on flight day in Weekend Argus, Rapport & Sunday Independent

  • 10 000 people gathered on the beach to watch Matt’s take-off and landing through a call-to-action campaign driven through digital influencers and social media

  • 5 logistical event sponsorships to the value of R1 million

  • R750 000 in donations to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund for the building of a paediatric hospital

  • RIBR trending on Twitter on flight day





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