PR = Science + Art


At Positive Dialogue Communications we believe PR is a science and an art. Starting with the fundamentals of PR and adding our own unique mix of provocative, emotive and creative elements means we produce memorable and exciting campaigns for our clients.


We set trends, evoke consumer desire and shape public debate across a broad spectrum of media and industries. By developing incisive brand campaigns that go straight to core consumer needs, we plant the seeds that grow into consumer aspirations.


We help build your brand, your business and your reputation


We help our clients understand the ways that PR has radically changed.


Our team at Positive Dialogue Communications can help you move beyond outdated communication modes to find the different fragments of your target audiences where they most enjoy being found.  As media have diversified and new channels have proliferated, we have evolved to become channel neutral, as comfortable with hosting a press briefing as we are with producing podcasts.


Positive Dialogue Communications has a core team of talent working flexibly with trusted specialists that enable us to understand our clients’ requirements; have true insights into the audiences they need to reach; creatively conceptualise credible content and campaigns and amplify through these, through the most relevant channels.

We work for clients across industries and sectors who have the need to engage meaningfully with their target audiences via the diverse and changing media.


The phenomenal changes are that the traditional media release needs to be content crafted in multiple formats; and, while we still have to have high levels of journalistic expertise, we’ve also had to develop as master storytellers.  Also, the channels have boomed and are no longer exclusively the professional media.  Likewise, target audiences have dispersed far and wide as they choose and change their ‘favourite’ channels at will. 


To effectively navigate this complexity, our focus is on:


  • using data-driven insights to understand consumer motivations and behaviours

  • expanding our concept of ‘the media’ to fully include latest and emerging digital and social platforms

  • and, effectively engaging the talent we need when its more relevant to create a mobile app than to issue a media release


This gives us knowledge and expertise, as well as the necessary flexibility and agility to help you to get your brand, business or your personal status to stand out in the maddening crowd.