Whether you’re a spokesperson for your organisation, an employee with a public-facing role, a CEO, or someone who simply has a message to share with the public, following some of our basic rules of media training will ensure you're confidently prepared to deliver the right message in the right way.

This media training seminar will teach you how to speak in a way that people take notice, clearly and concisely define your key messages, develop prepared responses to difficult questions, control the media interview, and  be less likely to get misquoted.

Our Media Training Workshop is meant to prepare you for even the most nerve-wracking media encounter. This 4-hour, one-on-one session with MD Tracy Jones will teach you the theory of understanding the media as well as a hands-on "hot seat" section with a journalist on camera and playback review of the interview.


We will walk you through what public relations is and what services it encompasses. We will also take time to break down the difference between public relations, advertising, and marketing.

We'll sit down and discuss what a communication strategy is and how we formulate a campaign tailored to your brand and needs - whether it be corporate, consumer, or digital communications.

More importantly, though, we'll unpack what value public relations brings to the table and how we garner that relationship with the media to benefit your campaign. Through various tactics and a deep understanding of the public relations landscape, we'll guide you through digital and traditional public relations realms and their many facets.

The session will be guided by Tracy Jones, Managing Director who has 18 years of PR experience.


We understand that the world is now revolving around likes, comments, follows, and shares. The crash course in Social Media can train you and your team the ins and outs of the top social media channels.


We begin the session with an introduction to Community Management. We outline the roles and responsibilities of a community manager and the team. We will also review community engagement guidelines. We’ll give a demonstration on communication management and online reputation tools. With lessons in online reputation management and customer service one social media, you’re organisation will be fully prepared for any digital community situation.


We also offer courses in social media strategy, social media content creation, and multi-channel analysis & reporting.


Optional extra: Social Media Advertising Training

This additional course will teach you the role of advertising in the social media space. We’ll walk you through how to advertise across channels as well as document an implementation plan.